"No matter how we might brush up against each other on the subway"

Citiscapes is collection of songs detailing the loneliness of living in city in the 21st century. Of high-rise buildings where people live just inches apart yet still completely isolated. Of streets where every single day thousands of pairs of eyes exchange looks just to turn away. To escape exposure, without giving away a single shred of the persons behind them.

“I guess it’s noteworthy that while writing this record I lived at a fairly pleasant suburban home and in a relationship but when the record was finished I found myself living alone in a cramped rented apartment in the city” tells The Conquistadors’ singer Conquistador #1. “So the concept of the album hit pretty close to home, at least after it had been conceived. Surely no less than a self fulfilling prophecy.”

It’s a new start for the band as well. After supporting their first album “Mil Mascaras” from behind Mexican wrestling masks The Conquistadors have now shelved their patent leather facial attire for good. Keyboard whiz Nordman couldn’t be more relieved.

“We had a ton of fun wearing the masks in interviews and on some other adventures but playing gigs with them on was really annoying and awkward. I’m sure Slipknot would consider us pussies.” The actual reason for the unmasking is however attributed to the band wanting to give more to the fans. “We all know how men only get more attractive when they grow older, right? Well the last few years have been kind to us so it’s time to let the people – and of course, especially the ladies – enjoy The Conquistadors au naturelle,” explains a laughing Conquistador #1.

Every one of the eleven songs on Citiscapes have been crafted using a one-song-per-day policy which The Conquistadors had successfully implemented on their debut. “This time, however, the 24 hours were at times split among several days” says drummer Conquistador #2 jokingly. “We just couldn’t sync our schedules as easily as on the last album so even though getting a song together took the same amount of hours as on the first album the hours were at times divided among 2 or 3 sessions. Sounds like a bullshit explanation, I know!”

The sound of Citiscapes is more controlled and pop-oriented than ever before. “We just didn’t feel like writing slow stuff at all, especially after noticing that it seemed virtually impossible to get a gig set together with the songs we had on the first record,” elaborates Conquistador #1. “So now we’re geared for a whole another kind of pop bombast…it’s gonna be hit after hit after hit!”